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Free smart package core fonts

Microsoft's TrueType Core Fonts is a special collection of model elements that make up Microsoft’s core fonts. This utility program includes the source RPM so you can create a binary RPM package to access Microsoft’s TrueType core fonts for the web. You can easily install this on any RPM-based box that supports TrueType like Red Hat and Fedora Core systems; systems Debian and Suse are also compatible but have a tedious installation process. 

What fonts are TrueType?

Courier, Helvetica, Times, DejaVuSans, and Symbol are considered TrueType fonts. These include their Italic, Bold, and Bold Italic versions, as well. These are web-based fonts that you can install on any distribution package that provides TTMKFDIR utilities, like RPM-build and WGET. Setting up an RPM or WGET build environment requires you to be familiar with coding. You will also need to install the cabextract utility and latest MSTTCORFONTS spec file for the program to work.

An X Font server is also needed to run this program. It serves as the standard mechanism for an X server to communicate with a font renderer. Depending on your distribution package, reloading the XFS is part of the installation process or you will need to reload it manually. For example, changed fonts in newly-opened applications or hanging programs indicate that you have been disconnected from the font server. Simply reload the server again. 

You will also need to manually verify if the fonts have been installed. This means you will need to use the code "xlsfonts | grep ^-microsoft" to see the extensive list of font names. Every time a new font is added, you will need to restart all programs so that it is able to identify it. It’s also important to note that not all the fonts in this program have Microsoft in their name.

Customize your fonts 

Microsoft's TrueType Core Fonts is suitable for experienced coders that want to use web-based fonts in various programs. The installation process is tedious, but those who are familiar with distribution packages and servers can find this easy. It comes with all the TTF files so you can go ahead and use it after installation. 


  • Includes all Microsoft TTF
  • Compatible with all distribution packages


  • Suited for experienced coders


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Microsoft's TrueType Core Fonts


Microsoft's TrueType Core Fonts beta for PC


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